Understanding Green Apron Traits

The Green Apron Collection, like The Siren Collection, has five main traits.  Each trait is a layer which is superimposed on top of the lower layers, resulting in the single image. From the bottom-most layer to the top-most layer, the traits are as follows: (1) Canvas; (2) Element; (3) Expression; (4), Stitching, and (5) Siren.  Below you can view each layer individually.  


The first and bottom-most layer of the Green Apron Collection is the Canvas which represents the fabric of the apron. The Canvas serves as the backdrop for each stamp.


The second layer, Element, contains typography and textural elements from Starbucks' archives according to the era of each particular stamp.


The third layer, Expression, contains unique colors that contrast the art, representing the diversity and uniqueness among Starbucks 


The fourth layer is Stitching, the layer that holds each Stamp together, nodding to the apron and its importance. 


And the fifth and final layer is Siren – different variations of the Siren path used throughout the years will appear across the collection. 

Final Green Apron Image

Below is just one of the unique 3,357 Green Apron Collection stamps with all the layers combined!