The Starbucks Odyssey Beta Program unexpected ended on March 31, 2024.

There will be no new journeys. 

It was believed that there were at least two more journeys planned for the first half of 2024:
the Spring Bracket Journey*, and the Onboarding Journey*

*Starbucks did not announce these journeys prior to the close of Starbucks Odyssey.

Closed Journeys

Coffee Heritage

Opened: 1/16/2024
Closed: 3/31/2024
Total Stamps Minted:  10,466
Activities: 750 points
Stamp: 750 points
Bonus Points Available: 125 points

Quick Tips:

Seasonal Innovations is a purchase based activity requiring you to make a purchase of one eligible seasonal menu item. There will be opportunities to earn additional bonus points by trying an item each season throughout the year. Make your Spring menu purchase by 4/30/2024 at 11:59 pm PDT to receive credit for the season.

Crafting the Classics is a game where you attempt to replicate as many drink recipes as possible in 90 seconds.

Our Classic Roasts requires you to match the name and tasting notes to each bag of coffee after viewing the roasts. You'll need to get all three right to pass.

Match the Scene presents you with historical pictures of the first Starbucks store. You will then be presented with three smaller pictures, one of which appeared in the original picture. You must choose the correct picture from the three options. 

The Original Pike Place Store is an activity where you will virtually visit the first Starbucks store, a museum displaying Starbucks' history, and the Starbucks Roastery in Seattle.

Explore Oleato

Opened: 1/30/2024
Closed: 3/4/2024
Total Stamps Minted: 7,264
Activities: 500 points
Stamp: 500 points

Duplicate journey stamp purchases will not stack points. 

Oleato stamp count last updated 4/1/2024. Stamp counts sometimes change due to retroactively issued stamps as customer service cases are resolved.