Starbucks Odyssey Support

If you encounter a bug, or did not receive credit for an activity, or are missing a benefit (reward) that was sent to you, you can contact Starbucks customer support at 1-800-782-7282. Select your language, and then dial 3 for "Support with the Starbucks Odyssey Experience." Always ensure that you request and document a case number for future follow-up.  

We suggest that you first read through the FAQ (below) before contacting Starbucks Customer support, and by inquiring about your issue in the Starbucks Odyssey Discord server.  Starbucks Odyssey is very new, and many Starbucks customer support representatives are not aware of the Odyssey program and/or its details.  There are many helpful and friendly Odyssey users in the Starbucks Odyssey Discord who will gladly answer your questions and who can provide insights into your particular issue.  

You must contact Starbucks customer service for missing activity credit, missing Odyssey points, and missing benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Starbucks Odyssey incorporated into the Starbucks app?  

A. No, it is not. Currently you must access Starbucks Odyssey through a web browser on your desktop computer or mobile phone.

Q. When will Starbucks Odyssey be incorporated into the Starbucks app?

A. Nobody knows when this will happen, but the authors of this website assume it will at some point. 

Q. How many people are participating in the Starbucks Odyssey beta program?

A. Based on the total number of Achievement Collection stamps, we estimate that there were over 58,000 active users in the program at the end of 2023. The overall number of participants has not been disclosed. There are about 11,604 people in the Odyssey Discord (as of January 6, 2024).

Q. Are all Starbucks locations participating in Starbucks Odyssey?

A. No.  Any Odyssey journeys which require in-store purchases must be made at standalone Starbucks stores.  Purchases at Starbucks locations in grocery stores, Targets, malls, airports, casinos or hotels will not qualify towards Odyssey journeys.

Q. When will I get to join the Odyssey Discord?

A. You will get an email invitation approximately two weeks after you are admitted to Starbucks Odyssey beta.

Q. Do I have to join the Odyssey Discord to participate in Starbucks Odyssey?

A. No, but we highly recommend it because a lot of useful information is there along with friendly and helpful Odyssey members.  Discord members also have an opportunity to participate in a monthly sweepstakes for a chance to win 1,000 stars in the Starbucks rewards app. We hope that this website will help bring up to speed Odyssey users who are not yet in the Odyssey Discord or choose not to use Discord.

Q. Do I have to buy limited edition stamps to participate in Starbucks Odyssey?

A. No. You can complete journeys which are free. Completing journeys will earn points. Reaching a certain points level will allow you to choose one benefit from the available benefit tiers. Limited edition stamps (paid stamps) are entirely optional and are not required to participate in Starbucks Odyssey, however higher level benefits will be unattainable without the purchase of limited edition stamps. Please be aware that points associated with 2023 paid stamps expired on December 31, 2023.

Q. Do my stamp points really expire at the end of the year?  Why?

A. Yes. The points associated with each stamp expire at the end of the calendar year that they were released. This is so that Starbucks Odyssey can maintain an annual ecosystem. Each new year is a new cycle with new journeys and new rewards. Everyone will start each new year on equal ground. Please be aware that points associated with all 2023 stamps (both paid and journey stamps) expired on December 31, 2023. All stamps released during the 2024 year will expire on December 31, 2024.

Q. Why should I buy stamps at all if their points will expire? 

A. Purchasing stamps is entirely optional, however there are some reasons why somebody might choose to do so. Some people may want a certain reward that is only available if they are in a higher rewards level. Limited edition stamps are worth additional points, and the points can be stacked. Those points can quickly and easily boost you into a higher rewards level to unlock that reward. If you do not want any of the rewards in higher levels, then you do not need to buy stamps to reach a higher level. Some stamps may also become a "tokengate" to obtaining certain benefits within the Odyssey program. For example, to be eligible for the 2023 Jade Purple Brown Airdrop stamp, users had to complete two journeys and own one limited edition stamp (the limited edition stamp was the "tokengate"). Finally, some people enjoy collecting things. Many Odyssey users are collecting every single stamp that has been released and intend to keep them even after their points expire. Those stamps can also be placed on Odyssey exclusive merchandise.

Q.   Are there "lifetime points" or a "lifetime score"?

A.   No.  In December 2023, it was announced in the Odyssey Discord that although the Odyssey developers had originally intended to have a "lifetime score" that the decision was made to abandon that strategy.  The Odyssey developers anticipated difficulty in maintaining such a mechanic as the program scaled and millions more Odyssey users were onboarded.  Instead, the Odyssey developers have stated that they are looking for ways to provide additional utility to stamps from previous years (expired stamps).

Q. Are Odyssey stamps NFTs?

A. Yes, Odyssey stamps are NFTs, however Starbucks prefers to call them "stamps."  

Q. What is a NFT?

A. NFT stands for "non-fungible token."  It is essentially a digital asset that exists on the blockchain.  The blockchain is an online distributed ledger which records who owns digital assets such as NFTs and/or cryptocurrency.  Starbucks Odyssey has been designed so that users do not need to understand these technical terms or the technology behind NFTs or the blockchain.

Q. I see Odyssey stamps for sale on other websites (such as Opensea). Can I buy them there too?

A. Yes, you can, however we do not recommend this for users who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency. Other websites sometimes have fake Odyssey stamps for sale and are rife with scams. The Odyssey Market is the safest places to purchase Starbucks Odyssey stamps.  

Q. Can I sell my stamps that I have earned?

A. Yes, you can sell them through the Odyssey Market or other third-party NFT marketplaces such as Opensea. However, selling NFTs on other websites can be tricky and is not recommended unless you are familiar with cryptocurrency. The Odyssey Market is the safest place to sell Starbucks Odyssey stamps.

Q. Do I pay any fees when I sell my stamps?

A. Yes. When you sell your stamps through the Odyssey Market you will pay a 2.5% commission to Nifty Gateway, a 7.5% royalty to Starbucks, and a $0.30 flat fee to Nifty Gateway.

Q. How many benefit selection periods (BSPs) are there each year?

A. Odyssey does not specify how many BSPs there will be each year, but we believe there will be three per year.

Q. How many benefits do I get to select each benefit selection period?  

A. Regardless of your level, you only get to choose one benefit each benefit selection period. In other words, even if you are Level 3, you still only get one benefit.  You do not earn one benefit per level.

Q. Why should I try to obtain a higher rewards level when I only get to choose one reward per benefit selection period?

A. Most people agree that the higher reward levels offer better benefits. What benefit you want is a personal decision. If you do not want or like the options in the higher levels then you do not need to obtain a higher level. Keep in mind that there are multiple benefit selection periods (BSPs) each year, and even though you may not want or like the benefits in higher levels for the current BSP, there may be something you want in a higher level next BSP.

Q. What's the best way to reach a higher level in Starbucks Odyssey?

A. Complete all your journeys.  Most journeys only require the purchase of one or two items, and the rest of the journey tasks are free.  Completing journeys are the cheapest way to accumulate Odyssey points.  Completing a journey will earn a journey stamp, and journey stamps can be worth 500 points or more.  If you are willing to buy limited edition stamps, they are often worth  more points than journeys and have historically provided the most points per dollar. Please be aware that points associated with all 2023 stamps (both paid and journey stamps) expired on December 31, 2023.

Q. Is Starbucks Odyssey a corporate money-grab? 

A. The authors of this website don't think so. Starbucks intends Odyssey to be new web 3.0 extension of their regular rewards program. You do not need to participate in Starbucks Odyssey. If you do choose to participate in Odyssey you do not need to purchase any stamps. You can complete all the journeys which are free, earn points, and enjoy the benefits from the multiple benefit selection periods (BSPs) each year. It is quite easy to obtain Level 1. If you obtain Level 1 in the beginning of the calendar year, you can enjoy multiple benefits (from the multiple BSPs each year) with minimal effort. You have the option to sell every single Odyssey stamp you earn. If you choose to sell your stamps, you can potentially earn some money from Starbucks Odyssey. 

Q. Do I need to self-custody my Starbucks Odyssey stamps (NFTs)?

A. This is a personal decision and beyond the scope of this website as it requires extensive discussion about blockchain technology, and the pros/cons of custodial wallets (such as Nifty Gateway) versus external self-custody wallets (such as a software or hardware wallet).  Some of the authors of this website keep their stamps on Nifty Gateway, and others have chosen to self-custody their stamps on hardware wallets (cold wallets). 

Q. If I withdraw my Starbucks Odyssey stamps to my external wallet, will Odyssey still recognize that I own the stamp?

A. Yes, so long as you connect your external wallet to your Odyssey account. 

Q.  Why did Starbucks choose to use the Polygon blockchain for Starbucks Odyssey?

A. The Polygon blockchain has very inexpensive transaction fees. Transaction fees are usually less than the equivalent of $0.01 in MATIC (the currency of the Polygon blockchain). (Note: these transaction fees are only incurred if you choose to self-custody your Odyssey stamps.)

Q. Who pays the transaction fees if I self-custody my Starbucks Odyssey stamps?

A. Nifty Gateway will pay the transaction fees (aka "gas" fees) on the Polygon blockchain to withdraw your stamp (NFT) to your external self-custody wallet. You will pay the transaction fee when depositing your stamp back into Nifty Gateway. Please refer to Nifty Gateway's website for further information regarding transaction fees.

Q. Why did Starbucks choose to use Nifty Gateway to power Starbucks Odyssey rather than other websites like Opensea? 

A. Starbucks chose to use Nifty Gateway because it lowers the barrier of entry for its Starbucks customers who are not familiar with web 3.0 technology, the blockchain, and cryptocurrency. Nifty Gateway allows its users (and thus allows Odyssey users) to purchase stamps with regular currency (aka "fiat") such as the U.S. Dollar rather than requiring cryptocurrency such as Etherium (aka "ETH") or MATIC (the currency of the Polygon blockchain). Purchases can be made using a regular credit card which most people have readily available. Nifty Gateway is also a custodial wallet website where they hold your NFTs for you on your behalf. There are pros and cons to this methodology which go beyond the scope of this website, however the custodial wallet feature will make it easier for normal people to participate in Odyssey without having to educate themselves about cryptocurrency, the blockchain, and self-custody wallets.

Q. Which stamps allow me to stack points if I purchase more than one? 

A. The Achievement Collection can be stacked for additional points. Journey stamps do not provide additional points after the first you own of each collection. 

Points Stack vs DO NOT stack

Stamps earned from journeys do not stack points when multiple stamps from the same journey are held. You only receive points for one of each journey stamp. As of March 2023, the only stamps available that stack points are the Achievement Collection stamps.

Example Wallet

This wallet receives credit for all Achievement stamps which stack points, credit for the first Explore Oleato journey stamps which do not stack points, and no credit for the 2023 Coffee Heritage stamps because the points have now expired for stamps issued in 2023. The Achievement stamp, while titled 2023, was released in 2024.