Understanding Siren Traits

When viewing Sirens it can be difficult to understand what each trait represents and how it visually affects each Siren stamp. This page is intended to help you understand these traits. When viewing Siren stamps in the Market, you will see the traits listed along the left sidebar. You can open and close each trait menu to display all the variations of each trait. In the picture below, the sea trait menu has been opened to show the various sea traits. Each trait is a layer which is superimposed on top of the lower layers, resulting in the single image. From the bottom-most layer to the top-most layer, the traits are as follows: (1) Terroir; (2) Journey; (3) Siren; (4), Sea, and (5) Foliage. 


The "terroir" trait is the background color and texture of the Siren stamp. The word is French in origin and refers to the environmental factors which affect a crop's characteristics. The terroir trait in Siren stamps represents the the climate, terrain, and geography of where Starbucks' coffees are produced and grown.  

There are 27 different terroirs with varying rarities: Orange Floe (108), Blue Chasm (96), Blue Cirrus (93), Orange Desert (93), Blue Swirl (92), Green Sunset (89), Pink Sunset (86), Purple Yellow Haze (86), Blue Cloudbreak (84), Purple Cloudbreak (83), Yellow Cavern (81), Yellow Green Haze (81), Blue Green Haze (80), Green Stratus (79), Blue Stratus (78), Red Cavern (77), Blue Floe (76), Green Cirrus (74), Bright Floe (74), Purple Cirrus (73), Turquoise Cloudbreak (69), Ice Cave (69), Green Desert (63), Orange Swirl (57), Lavender Wisps (22), Swell (19) and Fogbank (18).

The terroir shown below is "Blue Stratus."


The journey trait looks like topographic map which represents the Siren's travels. 

There are ten different journey trait variations with varying rarity:  Expedition (287), Discover (283), Destination (283), Wander (257), Path (236), Roam (232), Navigate (225), Return (121), Endeavor (49), and Explore (42).  

The journey shown below is "Roam."


The Siren trait is the most recognizable layer of the siren stamps, and what most people consider the most important trait of siren stamps. There are five different siren types, and each siren comes in a variety of colors: (1) the Anniversary Blend Siren [pictured below]; (2) the Odyssey Siren; (3) the Pike's Place Siren; (4) the Coffeehouse Siren; and (5) the 45th Anniversary Siren.  

The exact number of each siren type is as follows: 


The sea trait represents the flow, movement, and other particles in the sea where the siren resides.  There are thirteen different sea trait variations with varying rarity: Scales (222), Scattered (211), Plankton (199), Bubbly (199), Tufts (194), Froth (191), Ripples (188), Plume (172), Cloud (144), Foam (136), Bloom (60), Layers (53), and Pearls (31).

The sea shown below is "Plankton."


Finally, the foliage trait represents the life and nature at the heart of Starbucks' coffee and brand expression. The foliage of each stamp is the top-most layer and will be visible above all the other lower layers. There are twenty different foliage trait variations with varying rarity: Blue Seaweed (158), Green Seaweed (150), Billowy Blue (148), Billowy Green (148), Underwater Green (144), Underwater Blue (140), Green Noise (102), Blue Leaves (96), Leafy Teal (92), Coffee Leaves (90), Lush Pink Gradient (87), Leafy Ice (84), Green Fronds (82), Lush Green Gradient (81), Lavender Fronds (79), Green Flora (75), Gradient Noise (72), Lavender Flora (68), Metallic Green (53), and Metal Leaves (51).

The foliage shown below is "Coffee Leaves."

Final Siren Image

Putting all the "traits" (layers) together yields the final resulting image as shown below! Remember that each trait provides unique colors, images, textures, and patterns to each stamp. All generative art stamps (currently the Sirens and First Store stamps) are unique 1/1s!